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          A tattoo, a scar, a birthmark, evidence of an old broken bone.

          About Lori

          Lori Rader Day, Author of MysteryLori Rader-Day is the Edgar? Award-nominated, Anthony and Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning author of The Lucky One, Under a Dark Sky, The Day I Died, Little Pretty Things, and The Black Hour.

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          The Lucky One

          Kidnapped as a child but returned safely, Alice Fine turns her luck into a true-crime pastime—and a search for justice that might cost her everything.

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          Latest News

          Under a Dark Sky is an Anthony Award winner!

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          A piece of jewelry she always wore, the color of nail polish she favored. Anything.


          Inspired by The Lucky One?

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          If you’re inspired by The Lucky One to get involved in the online sleuth community, there’s one easy first step: Help collect as many missing and unidentified cases in one place as possible. How? Write your state reps to get your state’s missing and unidentified cases included…

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          Anything might bring a body back from the shallow grave where it was found.

          From The Lucky One